Considering Relocating or Buying a Vacation Home in Florida?

If so, once you decide on an area, your budget, style of home (single family or Condo) You will need to Find a Seasoned Professional Real Estate Agent, to guide you through the process.

Finding an individual agent in any given area is harder now due to the way Search results show up.

For example, if you are doing a search for Vero Beach Real Estate, the first 3 pages area all major national companies like Zillow or, in fact, there are no individual agents in the first 3 pages of that search.

Why is it important to find an individual agent?

3 Reasons

1. National sites and Broker sites will give you listings but won’t give you local information.

2. Yes, you need listings but wouldn’t it be better to be able to converse (phone or email) with a Seasoned, experienced agent from the area you are interested in about, schools, health care, arts and culture, cost of living etc?

That is where we come in. At

NO cost to you we will provide you with:

Area information

Name(s) of Professional Seasoned and area Real Estate Agents.

Why use us.

We have 24 plus Years of Real Estate experience in the State of Florida.

We managed the Third largest Coldwell Banker Franchise in the state of Florida. This simply means we understand all facets of the Real Estate process from Finding a home, a mortgage through inspections, negotiation, and Closing.

The end result is a Win/Win situation. Use our experience to make your Real Estate search less stressful.