Retiring to Florida

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Retiring to Florida is the dream of many but unfortunately, only a few believe it’s feasible. It’s sad because it isn’t a crazy pipe dream or out of the question. In fact, it’s very possible to retire to Florida and there are a number of reasons for doing so when it’s time.

When you retire to Florida, it’s very important to have your ducks in a row. This includes partnering up with an experienced real estate agent. Doing so will greatly benefit you and make the relocation process a lot less complex. In other words, you’ll have someone to help guide you through the steps of relocating to Florida.

Retiring to Florida

Retiring to Florida means a lot of things. Sure, there’s the fantastic weather and plenty of theme parks. But, there’s much more. Here, you can walk along the beach, stroll through woods, experience all sorts of live entertainment, shop, dine, and much more.

If you’re not quite ready to retire outright, don’t worry, there are plenty of employment and business opportunities in the Sunshine State. It’s a very business-friendly state and that means a heap of employment positions or start your own business.

Top Reasons to Retire in Florida

If you’re still trying to decide if Florida is the right retirement location for you, here are a few really good reasons to move to the Sunshine State

  1. Let’s talk about your health briefly. In cold weather climates, you’re confined to the indoors for at least three months out of the year. That’s not the case in Florida. In fact, the outdoors are accessible all year. Which means, the ability to stay active and that’s good for both your short-term and long-term health.
  2. Okay, so it’s not possible to skip past the weather. Sure, summers are balmy and quite warm. But, the winter is virtually non-existent. There is no snow, no ice. And, the fall and spring are super wonderful seasons, to boot.
  3. Swim, walk, bike, paddleboard, golf, play tennis, hike, sail, power boat, scuba, snorkel, fish, sightsee. There are many outdoor recreation options. And, there’s also a ton of other things like live entertainment, theme parks, dining, shopping, museums and art galleries and plenty more.
  4. Taxes and income. While property taxes are about the same (maybe a little higher or lower), there is no state income tax. And, there aren’t property taxes like there are in other states. Instead of paying a percentage to own a car, there are nominal, small fees. Plus, there is no state income tax in Florida, which means you keep more of what you work so hard to earn. Not to mention, there are really good homestead exemptions, making housing more affordable and the cost-of-living is right in-line with the national average. So, day to day expenses doesn’t cost any more in Florida. What’s more, there is no “death tax” or “estate tax” in the state of Florida, yet another financial advantage.
  5. Property appreciation. The property appreciation rate is higher in the Sunshine State simply because it’s a highly desirable place to live. The fact that more than a thousand people permanently relocate here per day really tells you all you need to know.

How to Relocate to Florida

To relocate to Florida, you simply need a checklist and a sense of adventure. Be sure to get your medications up-to-date, transfer any prescriptions, and also, get your Florida driver’s license, plate, and tag. You’ll also need to update your address with any subscription services, and transfer your car insurance.

As you can see, there are a number of compelling reasons to retire to Florida. So, make the move and start taking advantage of them all!