Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Real Estate Referral?

(ANS) When one agent refers a client to another agent in return for a share in the commission earned from the sale of a property.

2. Does this cost (Me) the Buyer anything?

(ANS) No. Commissions are paid by the Seller of the property.

3. Will your services Cost me anything?

(ANS) Absolutely Not. We earn our commission by providing you a Service.

4. Am I under any Contractural basis?

(ANS) We do not require ANY agreements.

5. Are I ( website owner and referring agent) a Licensed Florida Real Estate Agent?

(ANS) Yes since 1997 24 plus years. License Number SL 660872

6. What Services/Help can I expect from this Website?


A. We can provide you with general information about an area.

B. We can help explain your Buying process questions.

7. How does the process work?

C. Once you have decided on a City or County you are interested in, we will provide the Area Real Estate Agent or Teams contact info.

8. What do you need from Me?

A. At first just your name and email address, which we will confirm to prevent spam.

B. When you want to communicate with a Real Estate Agent, for more specific information, we have a short form which simply asks for your price range, style of home, specific amenities you want, your time frame to buy and any other questions you may have. Once we have that we will forward it to the Agent who will contact you via phone or e-mail (your preference) about Available listings meeting your criteria.

* If you are on the fence and just considering a move to Florida, that is fine, we are still here to help.

We cannot provide job information (The agent we pick for you possibly can) Our sole purpose is to help you with the buying process in Florida.

9. What areas do we cover?

(ANS) We have Agents in all the main areas of Florida with a special emphasis on the Orlando area and South East and West Costs of Florida including the Keys.

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