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Benefits of Living in Florida

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The benefits of living in Florida are numerous. It’s not just the fantastic weather, either. The Sunshine State has much to offer its residents and visitors alike. But, living here is a piece of paradise and it’s something that’s available to anyone who wants to experience it, day after day.

When people think about living in Florida, they most often conjure up images of theme parks, orange groves, golf courses, and beaches galore. While all of these are certainly prevalent and plentiful, there is far more to living in the Sunshine State. So, let’s take a look at all the aspects and advantages of living in Florida and what it really means to reside in the midst of a tropical paradise.

Benefits of Living in Florida

The benefits of living in Florida cause too many people to think it’s just out of reach. It’s a pipe dream or it is too expensive to live on the peninsula -- no matter the actual location. But, this simply isn’t true. You can live right here in the Sunshine State. You can lead a life that you love and enjoy all the great things that are the reasons about one thousand people move here per day. That’s right, one thousand people move to the state of Florida each and every day because they want to embrace all it has to offer.

Health Benefits of Living in Florida

We’ll begin with the health benefits of living in Florida. Perhaps surprisingly, the weather has much to do with the health benefits. Here’s why:

  1. There are so many sunny days here in Florida, it’s almost unreal. Since sunshine is so very abundant, there’s always a potential for getting outside and staying active. Which means you can golf, snorkel, hike, sightsee, sail, play tennis, football, baseball, or volleyball, walk on the beach, stroll through a park. The list goes on and on and on. While this certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, it does get the point across. Which is to say, you can easily stay active as much as you want and that’s a huge health benefit.
  2. Work hard, play hard, relax until your heart's content. Here in the Sunshine State, there is no shortage of ways to relax. Rewind and relax on the beach or spend a day in a state or county park. Take to the water a sail lazily on the water. Or, take in a movie or see a live show. Stroll through a museum or tour a local or nationally known art gallery. Whatever you like to do to relax, it’s right here in Florida and waiting for you to enjoy.
  3. The pace of life. One aspect of the state of Florida is the south is in the north of the state. In other words, it’s a southern, slow pace of life in the panhandle and northern portion of the peninsula. Go far south and it’s island life. What do these have in common? A slower pace of life that’s present. Whether it’s on the Space Coast, the Keys, over on the west coast, or any other part of the state, it’s just more relaxed here.
  4. Healthcare access. Florida is very modern and that means healthcare access is always close by, nearly regardless of location. And, healthcare costs here aren’t outrageously expensive.

As you can see, the health benefit of living in Florida are numerous and this is not a complete list!

Biggest Benefits of Living in Florida

Now, let’s take a more extensive look at the more broad benefits of living in the state of Florida:

  1. Okay, whenever you see the advantages of living in Florida, weather always makes the list. And, there’s the really good reason for this being reiterated time and time again -- it’s undeniably true. While the summers are unarguably warm and balmy, they give you plenty of time to enjoy the water and many outdoor activities. Then, there’s the super mild winter which is devoid of ice and snow. Plus, the fall and spring seasons are nothing less than delightful.
  2. Economy, taxes, and income. This is a very business-friendly state. And, it’s possible to build a huge amount of equity. Then, there’s the homestead exemption, and there is no state income tax. All of this makes Florida more affordable and a terrific place to live, work, and play.
  3. Location, location, location. You are never too far away from the beach. There are recreation parks galore. And, this is a state which is now the third most populous in the country because of all it offers, which is an abundance of things to see and do.

These aren’t the only benefits of living in Florida, there are more!

About the Home Buying Process

If you are considering moving to Florida, you should learn more about the home-buying process, particularly if it’s your first time. In a nutshell, you’ll need to save a down payment, put money aside for inspections and moving, take time to go over and work through your credit files, and then start your house hunt.

Be sure to find the right real estate professional to help you find a property that really fits your wants and needs.

Buying a Vacation Home in Florida

Buying a vacation home or a vacation rental home in Florida is an excellent investment because the real estate here is so desirable. When you buy a vacation or a vacation rental home, you are purchasing your own piece of paradise. And, you’re buying in a state that boasts some of the strongest performance in the entire nation. Plus, you have a dedicated place to stay when visiting and/or a way to generate a passive income stream. Moreover, you can build equity and have the option to retire in one of the most desirable places to live! Here again, it’s paramount to work with a local real estate professional so you find the right house.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to live in the state of Florida. Don’t wait another day or even another minute. Start your journey to living the dream in the Sunshine State today!


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